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  • Author: Caitlin Yarsky
  • Coyotes, Volume 1

    Analia (aka Red) was orphaned as a girl when the coyotes who plague the City of Lost Girls attacked and killed her sister and mother. She befriends a group of strong women who band together to oppose the coyotes who brutally attack women in the area.
  • Coyotes, Volume 2

    Eleven-year-old Red is now the leader of the women determined to kill the men donning wolf pelts—the men who have been terrorizing and killing the women of their small town for years without repercussions. On a journey to recruit more women in their fight, Red finds a new faction of women that believes in rehabilitation as opposed to killing their attackers. These two factions of women must find enough common ground to work together and rid themselves of the wolves once and for all.