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  • Author: David Bodanis
  • Award year: 1998
  • List: Alex Awards
  • Genre: Nonfiction
  • The Secret Family: Twenty-four Hours inside the Mysterious Worlds of Our Minds and Bodies

    With surprises and information on every page, Bodanis' book peels back the layers of our minds and bodies to reveal a churning world of tiny, invisible components, living and inanimate, in ourselves and in our surroundings, that silently and secretly affect us. By following the activities of a family—mom, dad, baby, young son, and teenage daughter—through a typical day, from breakfast to bedtime, Bodanis makes readers active partners in a mysterious and fascinating science adventure. If teens are shocked to discover that there's embalming fluid on postage stamps, just wait till they find out what's floating around the local mall.