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  • Author: Jasper Fforde
  • The Eyre Affair

    Meet Thursday Next, a literary detective for England's Special Operations Network.  Her mission: to stop a serial killer who enters books and kills literary characters. Mr. Quaverly has already disappeared from copies of Martin Chuzzlewit. Jane Eyre, beware!  It's mystery, science fiction, and social satire. It's also lots of fun.
  • The Eyre Affair

    The first in a series set in a zany alternative Swindon, Thursday Next (Special Ops—Literary Division) is on the case when characters are kidnapped from their original manuscripts—potentially changing literature forever.
  • The Last Dragonslayer

    With magic drying up, it's hard for a freelance magical agency to stay afloat, especially with the rumors and prophecies of the death of the last dragon