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  • Author: Don Calame
  • Beat the Band

    When Cooper is paired with "Hot Dog Helen" for his health class project, he decides he must do something to counteract the effect on his popularity...namely starting a band to compete in his school's Battle of the Bands. Nick Podehl rocks as the smart aleck, wise-cracking, Cooper.
  • Beat the Band

    Coop must win battle of the bands with his buddies to regain his mojo after getting paired with an infamous partner in Health class, only none of them play instruments.
  • Call the Shots

    Sean, Matt, and Coop have pulled off a few schemes in the past, but can they manage to make a low-budget horror film?
  • Dan Versus Nature

    Dan tries to scare off his mom's next potential husband while on a survivalist camping adventure. What could go wrong?
  • Swim the Fly

    Fifteen-year-old Matt and his best friends Coop and Sean's summer-time goal is to see a real, live naked girl. Nick Podehl renders a range of characters, from a senior citizen with one thing on his mind to a teenage girl with a French accent in this hilarious, slightly raunchy summer romp.
  • Swim the Fly

    Sean's summer's bucket list: swim the 100 meter fly and see a real live naked girl!