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  • Author: Scott Westerfeld
  • Afterworlds

    Westerfeld offers two novels in one. The first is the story of 18year-old Darcy, who has just sold her first novel for publication. The second is the novel itself, an enthralling paranormal romance.
  • Behemoth

    Alek and Deryn, Clanker and Darwinist, find themselves unlikely allies in this action packed second installment of Westerfeld's steampunk take on World War I.   Cummings delivers an animated performance of this adventure set in the exotic Ottoman Empire.
  • Extras

    Now that the world is in a complete cultural renaissance, fifteen-year-old Aya Fuse, an Extra, just wants to lay low, so when she discovers the secret lives of the Sly Girls, she wants to report their story, but Aya knows that would propel her into celebrity--a status she's not prepared for.
  • Leviathan

    In this steampunk adventure, Austrian Prince Alek is on the run from assassins. To save his life and his empire, he forms an alliance with Deryn, a member of the British War Service who just happens to be a girl disguised as a boy. Alan Cumming's narration takes listeners into the heart of the action as heavy Clanker machinery and unique Darwinist creations collide.
  • Peeps

    Cal Thompson is a carrier of a parasite that causes vampirism, and must hunt down all of the girlfriends he has unknowingly infected.
  • Uglies

    In the future, only the beautiful are valued, the ugly are worthless, and all uglies want to be made beautiful. That is what Tally wants, until she discovers some of the truths about becoming beautiful and begins to question her life.
  • Uglies: Shay's Story

    Rejecting life in Prettytown, Shay finds her way to the rebellion.