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  • Author: Matthew Quick
  • Boy 21

    When Finley's basketball coach asks him to look out for new kid Russ, he has no idea what's in store. Finley might be used to the racial conflict in his town and the pressures of basketball, but he is totally unprepared for Russ's strange request to be called “Boy21.”
  • Every Exquisite Thing

    Nanette has a nice normal life--friends, high school, soccer. But after she discovers a cult-classic novel, "nice and normal" becomes instantly unappealing. Ditching everyday life for the book's reclusive author and another obsessive teenage fan, Nanette
  • Forgive Me, Leonard Peacock

    On his 18th birthday Leonard cuts off all his hair, wraps up a set of gifts for the people who mean the most to him, and packs his grandfather's P38 Nazi pistol in his bag.  Noah Galvin empathetically channels this damaged teenaged boy with humor and heart.
  • Forgive Me, Leonard Peacock

    On the day that Leonard Peacock brings a gun to school, it will be small gesture that will decide his fate, as well as those around him.
  • Sorta Like a Rock Star

    Despite the fact that she lives in a school bus, Amber Appleton is the biggest optimist you'll ever meet. But then one tragic event makes her question everything.