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  • Author: Dana Reinhardt
  • A Brief Chapter in My Impossible Life

    When 16-year-old Simone meets her biological mother Rivka, she learns about her own history as well. Full of teen angst, emotions, and doubts and a narrator who employs just the right voice and pacing.
  • How to Build a House

    Harper's home and family are falling apart. To escape her father and stepsister, she joins a volunteer program to build a house for Teddy's family, who lost their home in a tornado. Caitlin Greer gives voice to Harper who, as she helps one family build their house, starts to put her own life back together.
  • The Things A Brother Knows

    Boaz is back and hailed as the hometown hero, but he is not at all the same. Can his younger brother Levi help him truly make his way home?