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  • Author: Kenneth Oppel
  • Airborn

    Matt, a young cabin boy aboard an airship, and Kate, a wealthy young girl traveling with her chaperone, team up to search for the existence of mysterious winged creatures reportedly living hundreds of feet above the Earth's surface.
  • Airborn

    Matt, a cabin boy aboard the great airship Aurora, rescues a hot air balloonist who dies ranting about flying mammals sending Matt and the balloonist's granddaughter on an exciting and dangerous quest. Narration by Kelly and the Full Cast Family keeps the suspense building and makes the characters real.
  • Half Brother

    Ben begins to see the chimpanzee his father is using to study language acquisition as more than a test subject which leads to problems when funding runs low
  • The Nest

    Steve wants nothing more than to save his sick newborn baby brother and see his parents happy once again. So when the "angels" start to visit him in his dreams, promising to fix the baby, he thinks all his prayers have been answered. All he has to do is s
  • Skybreaker

    Matt Cruse soars to new heights of adventure in pursuit of the Hyperion, a ghost ship carrying untold treasure at 20,000 feet. David Kelly and the Full Cast Family masterfully create engaging and unique characters that pull the listener into Matt's high-flying world of excitement, adventure and danger.
  • Such Wicked Intent: The Apprenticeship of Victor Frankenstein Book Two

    Try as he might, Victor cannot swear off the two great temptations in his life: the power over life and death offered by the Dark Sciences, and his love for his brother's fiancé.
  • This Dark Endeavor: The Apprenticeship of Victor Frankenstein

    Fifteen-year-old Victor Frankenstein stops at nothing to save his ailing twin, helping create the Elixir of Life from a formula found in a hidden library of forbidden texts.