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  • Author: Courtney Summers
  • All the Rage

    Ever since Romy Grey accused the sheriff's son of sexual assault, she's been branded as a slut and liar from the wrong side of the tracks. When the golden girl goes missing, Romy might hold the key to finding her, but the search raises questions people would rather remain hidden.
  • Fall For Anything

    Eddie has unanswered questions about her father's suicide.
  • Some Girls Are

    When the tables are turned on veteran bully Regina Afton her eyes are opened to the pain and suffering she has inflicted on others.   Schorr's distinctive voice embodies the pain of a teen fallen from top of the social ladder.
  • Some Girls Are

    Regina used to be a member of the Fearless Five but is now being frozen out by her friends and must find acceptance among the peers she used to terrorize.
  • This is Not a Test

    When the zombie apocalypse happens, Sloane Price seeks shelter with five other teens she barely knows in her high school. As the days pass, the paranoia of being trapped with people you can't trust begins to wear her down.