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  • Author: Laura Resau
  • The Indigo Notebook

    Zeeta and her mother Layla's nomadic life has brought them to Otavalo in Ecuador where they help a friend to find his birth father, uncover a smuggling ring, and learn to appreciate the life they have. Justine Eyre brings excellent Spanish accents and the right voice for each character, while enhancing a fascinating story.
  • Indigo Notebook

    In Ecuador, jet-setting Zeeta meets Wendell, a young man in search of his family roots. Zeeta's desire to settle down and find her own father compels her to help Wendell. While uncovering the mystery surrounding Wendell's family, Zeeta realizes that she m
  • Queen of Water

    As a small child, Ecuadorian Virginia is sent off to work as an unpaid nanny and maid in the home of a wealthy couple. Based on a true story of one woman's struggles and triumphs.