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  • Author: Kekla Magoon
  • Fire in the Streets

    Maxie's attachment to the Black Panthers in Chicago in the late sixties gradually confronts some of the other constants in her life, but she knows it's her only way to make a powerful difference in the world.
  • How it Went Down

    When Tariq, a black teenager, is gunned down by a white man, everybody has a different perspective on how it went down.
  • The Rock and the River

    Sam, the son of a civil rights leader and brother to a member of the Black Panthers, observes the injustice around him, and tries to decide if he should follow the path of his brother, his father, or to forge his own. Dion Graham's deep, gentle voice fits Sam perfectly as he contemplates the world and his place in it.
  • X: A Novel

    This fictionalized account of Malcolm X's teen years poignantly presents the young man's struggles with identity, racism, and crime.