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  • Author: David Almond
  • Kit's Wilderness

    Almond creates a heartbreakingly real world fused with magic realism as he juggles several plot elements with dexterity. He also leads the reader to understanding how life can be seen through the prisms of space and time.
  • My Name is Mina

    Through the process of writing in her journal, Mina, a misfit, discovers herself.
  • Skellig

    A boy discovers a fragile, mysterious winged being sheltered in his garage in Skellig, edited by Lawrence David, and tries to help coping with anxiety and grief about his baby sister's critical illness.
  • A Song for Ella Grey

    Claire poetically narrates the epic love story of her best friend Ella Grey and the mysterious Orpheus as romance, death, and mythology swirl together in a modern retelling of the classic story of Orpheus and Eurydice.