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  • Author: Allan Stratton
  • Borderline

    Sami sets out to prove his father's innocence after Homeland Security breaks into their house and hauls his father away as a person of interest in a possible terrorist attack.
  • Chanda's Secrets

    A girl's struggle amid the African AIDS pandemic, Chanda, is an astonishingly perceptive girl living in the small city of Bonang, a fictional city in Southern Africa. When her youngest sister dies, the first hint of HIV/AIDS emerges, Chanda must confront undercurrents of shame and stigma. Not afraid to explore the horrific realities of AIDS, Chanda's Secrets also captures the enduring strength of loyalty, friendship and family ties. Above all, it is a story about the corrosive nature of secrets and the healing power of truth.
  • The Dogs

    On the run from his abusive father, Cameron and his mom move to a farm house with a dark past. Once there, he starts seeing and hearing things that make everyone, including himself, question his sanity.
  • The Dogs

    Cameron and his mom have been running from his psychotic father for years. When they move into a farmhouse in rural Illinois, Cameron starts seeing ghosts, often accompanied by the braying of dogs. As he digs deeper into the mystery surrounding the farmho