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  • Author: Margo Lanagan
  • Black Juice

    Provides glimpses of the dark side of civilization and the beauty of the human spirit through ten short stories that explore significant moments in people's lives, events leading to them, and their consequences.
  • The Brides of Rollrock Island

    On an ungenerous island where life is hard, Misskaella, herself unattractive, discovers she has the power to pull humans from the seals cavorting in the sea. A selkie tale that is unromantic and details the unlovely consequences for future residents.
  • Tender Morsels

    Liga, a young woman who had endured unspeakable anguish, is magically whisked away to a fantasy realm to raise her daughters in peace. But as her daughters grow, the cracks between their fantasy life and the real world begin to show and all three woman must make a choice about what world they want to live in. Retelling of Snow White and Rose Red.
  • Yellowcake

    With her characteristic style, Lanagan presents 10 tales that speak of witchcraft, magic, monsters and beasts. Don't be afraid; they won't bite. Not always, anyway.