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  • Author: Jenny Downham
  • Before I Die

    Tessa enlists her best friend's help in accomplishing her bucket list when she learns she only has months to live.
  • Before I Die

    Tessa is dying of cancer and has only a short time to live. Through humor and pain, Tessa takes listeners through her list of things she must do before she dies – sex, drugs, breaking the law – but the list starts to change as Tessa finds that there are more important things she wants to experience. Parry captures every range of emotion that Tessa experiences.
  • Unbecoming

    Three generations of women--a grandmother, a mother, and a daughter, all of whom are dealing with issues of family, femininity, and identity--try to understand each other and their own pasts while also trying to better understand themselves.
  • You Against Me

    When Mikey's sister is raped by Ellie's brother, he vows to get even by pretending to be interested in Ellie, who only wants to protect her brother. Instead, they fall in love.