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  • Author: Linda Joy Singleton
  • Dead Girl Dancing

    High-schooler Amber's second assignment as a "Temp Lifer" takes her into the body of her boyfriend's twenty-one-year-old sister Shari, who has shut herself off from family and friends and gotten involved with a "Dark Lifer."
  • Dead Girl In Love

    Temp Lifer Amber's third assignment takes her into the body of her best friend, Alyce, who is involved in some secret project involving cemeteries, and while investigating, Amber encounters Dark Lifer Gabe, who wants to make a deal with her.
  • Dead Girl Walking

    When Amber, a smart, middle-class, high school student, is hit by a truck, she meets her deceased grandmother in a dreamlike place, then takes a wrong turn and awakens in the body of a wealthy, beautiful, popular classmate with serious problems.