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  • List: Amazing Audiobooks for Young Adults
  • Author: Sarah Dessen
  • Along for the Ride

    On a whim, Auden decides to spend the summer with her father and his family. Despite her desire to remain emotionally distant from the drama that is in the house, Auden finds herself lending her stepmother a reluctant hand. Rachel Botchan brings Auden to life. It is as if Auden herself is sharing the story of her summer over a cup of coffee in a late night diner.
  • Lock and Key

    Just shy of her 18th birthday, Ruby is forced to move in with her older sister Cora — who abandoned Ruby to their alcoholic mother ten years earlier. In creating the character of Ruby, Rebecca Soler perfectly embodies a young adult woman — alternatively confident and scared, sarcastic and tentatively affectionate.
  • Once and For All

    Love is found in all sorts of places, including weddings, but romance built on tragedy is an unexpected occurrence.  Dessen fans will love the plots twists and gradual background reveal through flashbacks, read so naturally by Vacker.