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  • List: Popular Paperbacks for Young Adults
  • Year: 2016
  • The 5th Wave

    After surviving four waves of destruction, Cassie must trust a mysterious boy in order to rescue her brother and fight an invasion of murderous human lookalikes.
  • After

    How can someone like Devon – so driven, so focused, so good at everything – do something as horrible as throwing a baby in the trash? Devon can't believe it since she denies she was even pregnant, but the truth can only be covered up for so long before everything starts falling apart.
  • Ashfall

    When the supervolcano underneath Yellowstone erupts, the weekend on his own that Alex had dreamed about suddenly becomes a nightmare.  He must fight for his survival and a way to get back to his family while surviving the harsh landscape that now exists.
  • Baddawi

    Ahmed is a boy living in a refugee camp in Lebanon and just one of many that had to flee his Palestinian homeland during the war. His circumstances do not keep him from dreaming of opportunities or returning home. The story of Ahmed is one that is relevant in today's world but takes place in 1948.
  • Beastly

    Kyle Kingsbury is one of the most popular kids in school and spoiled by his rich father. But when Kyle crosses the wrong girl, he discovers that he now looks as ugly as he acts. Can anyone help him return to normal? Retelling of Beauty and the Beast.
  • Beauty

    All she wanted was a rose. All she found was love.
  • Blood Red Road

    When Saba's beloved twin brother Lugh is kidnapped, she sets off into the ravaged wasteland of her post-apocalyptic world to save him.
  • Bone: The Complete Cartoon Epic in One Volume

    Smith's epic nine volume graphic novel – together in one book in this edition – recounts the adventures of the three Bone cousins, Fone Bone, Smiley Bone, and Phoney Bone. At first, they attempt simply to find a new home after their exile from Boneville, but after befriending Rose and Gran'ma Ben, they become embroiled in a battle with rat-creatures which may hold the fate of the world in the balance.
  • Book of a Thousand Days

    Lady Saren refuses to marry a powerful lord, and is punished by being imprisoned in a tower by her father. Dashti, a maid servant to Lady Saren, recounts their years of imprisonment and eventual freedom. Retelling of the Grimm tale Maid Maleen.
  • Breathing Underwater

    Nick has been court-mandated to write about his relationship with Caitlin. While he believes everything was fine between them, Nick soon discovers the reasons that Caitlin took out a restraining order against him.
  • Briar Rose

    While trying to learn more about her grandmother, Rebecca stumbles onto a mystery about her past. Little did she – or her family – know that her grandmother survived the Holocaust in a survival tale which mirrors that of a fairy tale. Retelling of Briar Rose/Sleeping Beauty.
  • The Carbon Diaries 2015

    All of Great Britain is participating in carbon rationing because the world's resources are depleted, and one teen records her and her family's attempt to survive.
  • Charm & Strange

    Drew, also known as “Win,” has been isolated in a New Hampshire boarding school since he was 12. Though he excels at both academics and athletics, he is concealing a horrific secret that has driven him to the brink of madness. With the help of his friends, can Win confront the beast within him before it's too late?
  • Chime

    Briony thinks that she is a witch and blames herself for everything that has happened to her family.  To punish herself, Briony will not love, cry, or hurt anyone ever again until she meets handsome and mysterious Eldric.
  • Cinder

    Set in a futuristic world, Cinder, a cyborg, must deal with her family, a deadly plague, intergalactic politics, and a growing relationship with Prince Kai. Only through learning about her past can she decide who controls her future: her stepmother who resents her, the Lunar Leader Levana who wishes for her death, or Cinder herself. Retelling of Cinderella.

  • The Coldest Girl in Coldtown

    Suspecting she may be going cold after surviving a vampire attack, Tana, her ex-boyfriend, and the enigmatic vampire Gavriel, head to the nearest Coldtown--the only place where the trio might be safe.
  • The Complete Persepolis

    This is the tale of Marjane Satrapi growing up during the extremist Islamic revolution in Iran during the 1970s/1980s, her move to Austria in early adolescence, and her time moving back to Iran, before finally settling in Europe again as a young woman.
  • Crazy

    You would be a little crazy too if your mother just died and your mentally ill father was not taking it well. Can Jason get by with a little help from his friends, real or not?
  • Cruel Beauty

    All her life, Nyx has trained and prepared for the day that she would be given to the demon Ignifex, an immortal who holds her island home hostage with his shadow monsters. She arrives at his castle, ready to be both bride and killer, but discovers that there is more to Ignifex and her world than she ever could have imagined. Retelling of Beauty and the Beast.
  • Dangerous Girls

    Best friends Anna and Elise join Anna's boyfriend Tate and other friends for a senior trip to Aruba. But when Elise is murdered, Anna finds herself being accused of being a murderer.
  • The Darkest Minds

    After a mysterious disease strikes America's children, the few who survive are left with frightening and often deadly abilities and sent to “rehabilitation camps” for their own safety. But in the camps, safety is an illusion and sixteen year old Ruby needs to escape before her time runs out. Joining up with a ragtag group of kids led by the charming Liam, she searches for East River, a kid-run encampment that just might be her salvation – or not.
  • Delirium

    Falling in love is a criminal offense in Lena's world and she is anxious to get the Cure until she meets the handsome Alex. Together, they try to find a way out.
  • El Deafo

    Bell shares the story of a childhood illness (meningitis) that would render her deaf. She focuses on the struggles and insecurities of starting school and making friends.

  • The Eleventh Plague

    Stephen has grown up a salvager in an America ruined by war and plague. After his grandfather dies and his father is seriously injured, Stephen finds Settler's Landing – a distrusting community – and a defiant girl, Jenny, who may lead them into another fight they can't win.
  • Enchanted

    Sunday Woodcutter must learn to deal with her eccentric family, her magical powers, and the talking frog who just wants to be her friend…and perhaps get a kiss. Retelling of The Frog Prince.
  • Entwined

    Azalea and her eleven younger sisters have been forbidden to dance since their mother's death, but Azalea has discovered a hidden path in their castle where they can dance their sorrow away. Retelling of The Twelve Dancing Princesses.
  • The False Prince

    The ambitious Conner hand-picks four orphans with the intention of selecting one to pose as the lost Prince Jaron, heir to the throne of Carthya, then taking the kingship for himself.
  • Feynman

    Get to know perhaps the most famous personality of nuclear physics: the bongo-playing, safe-cracking, defiantly curious Nobel Prize winner Richard Feynman in this meticulously researched graphic biography.

  • Grasshopper Jungle

    Poor confused Austin is in love with both his girlfriend Shann and his best friend Robby. Meanwhile the two boys unwittingly set in motion a chain of events that unleashes giant, carnivorous praying mantises.

  • Hades: Lord of the Dead (Olympians)

    A graphic novel retelling of the story of Hades, the Greek God of the Underworld, and his wife Persephone.
  • Ice

    After Cassie accepts a bargain from the Polar Bear King to save her long-lost mother, Cassie will embark on her own journey through unbelievable wonders and countless dangers that will bring her east of the sun and west of the moon as she chases her truest desires for her future. Retelling of East of the Sun, West of the Moon.
  • Identical

    Sixteen-year-old identical twin daughters of a district court judge and a candidate for the United States House of Representatives, Kaeleigh and Raeanne Gardella desperately struggle with secrets that have already torn them and their family apart.
  • Imaginary Girls

    Chloe adores her big sister Ruby, and lives to win Ruby's approval. In fact, Ruby seems to have this effect on everyone in their little town, but just what is the power that Ruby holds over them?
  • In Real Life

    Anda joins a large multiplayer online role-playing game and is soon asked to collect items which are then sold to other players for real money. Anda questions her machinations after meeting Raymond, who has even higher stakes in this game.

  • Inexcusable

    Accused of a crime he's fairly certain he didn't commit, Keifer Sarafian tries to convince readers of his side of the story.
  • Invisible

    Doug and his best friend Andy are an unlikely pair – Doug is a loner and Andy is a popular football player – but as long as they don't talk about what happened at the Tuttle Place, their friendship will remain intact.
  • Just Ella

    Everyone knows the story of Cinderella ends with happily ever after, but what if it didn't? In this continuation, Ella finds that her happiness may not lie inside the castle with the prince. Retelling of Cinderella.
  • Kill Me Softly

    After being raised her whole life by her fairy godmothers, Mirabelle runs away to the town where they said her parents had died at. But when she gets there, she starts to notice that this isn't any ordinary town and that the teens that live here are fated to play out the Grimm's fairy tales. So when Mira finds out that she, too has a role to play, it's only a matter of time before her story could lose its happy ending.
  • Legend

    From different worlds and pitted against each other, June and Day are obvious enemies. When sinister secrets about the Republic of America come to light, Day and June are also their own best allies in a search for the truth.
  • Liar

    Liar, liar pants on fire. Micah lies to everybody, and everyone knows that Micah lies about everything. But could Micah really be a killer?
  • A Long, Long Sleep

    After a sixty-year sleep, Rosalinda awakes with a kiss into a world drastically changed from what she once knew. Lost in the future, haunted by ghosts of the past, and hunted by a deadly assassin, Rosalinda must fight to stay awake and alive in her new world.  Retelling of Sleeping Beauty.
  • Loud Awake and Lost

    Ember is finally released from the hospital after an extended stay following her car accident. Her memories are still tangled up and she suffers from a traumatic brain injury, not to mention the emotional guilt of killing another teen in the accident.
  • Lumberjanes Vol. 1: Beware The Kitten Holy

    Five girls attempt to earn Lumberjane badges while away at camp and find themselves on many adventures as they attempt to solve a mystery.
  • March: Book One

    John Lewis is a Congressman now, but back in the 60s he was a teenager standing up for justice.
  • Miles Morales: The Ultimate Spider-Man Volume 1: Revival

    The original Spider-Man, Peter Parker, is dead. Now Miles Morales, bitten by a different radioactive spider, must stand in his place when the Green Goblin returns.
  • Ms. Marvel Vol. 1: No Normal

    Khamala Khan was your typical Muslim teenage girl from New Jersey, until she discovers something not so typical - she has powers. Follow Khamala as she discovers more about her powers and herself, including the secrets and the dangers of becoming Ms. Marvel.
  • Nameless

    Found alone in the snow when she was six, Camille was adopted by the powerful Vultusino family, one of the Seven Families that rule New Haven. Now sixteen, the mysteries of Camille's birth and discovery are returning to threaten her and her safety among the Family.  Retelling of Snow White.
  • Nimona

    Nimona can, literally, be anything she wants and what she wants more than anything is to be evil Lord Ballister Blackheart's sidekick. When these two team up, the lines between good and evil begin to blur and chaos reigns.
  • Not a Drop to Drink

    Lynn is prepared to do whatever it takes to protect her pond from strangers and ensure her own survival in a world where water – and safety – are in short supply.
  • Orleans

    Climate change has destroyed the gulf coast and has caused horrible infections to spread. Fen and Daniel fight to save the life of a baby and maybe even themselves.