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  • Genre: Dystopia
  • Ashfall

    When the supervolcano underneath Yellowstone erupts, the weekend on his own that Alex had dreamed about suddenly becomes a nightmare.  He must fight for his survival and a way to get back to his family while surviving the harsh landscape that now exists.
  • Blood Red Road

    When Saba's beloved twin brother Lugh is kidnapped, she sets off into the ravaged wasteland of her post-apocalyptic world to save him.
  • The Carbon Diaries 2015

    All of Great Britain is participating in carbon rationing because the world's resources are depleted, and one teen records her and her family's attempt to survive.
  • Delirium

    Falling in love is a criminal offense in Lena's world and she is anxious to get the Cure until she meets the handsome Alex. Together, they try to find a way out.
  • The Eleventh Plague

    Stephen has grown up a salvager in an America ruined by war and plague. After his grandfather dies and his father is seriously injured, Stephen finds Settler's Landing – a distrusting community – and a defiant girl, Jenny, who may lead them into another fight they can't win.
  • Legend

    From different worlds and pitted against each other, June and Day are obvious enemies. When sinister secrets about the Republic of America come to light, Day and June are also their own best allies in a search for the truth.
  • Not a Drop to Drink

    Lynn is prepared to do whatever it takes to protect her pond from strangers and ensure her own survival in a world where water – and safety – are in short supply.
  • Orleans

    Climate change has destroyed the gulf coast and has caused horrible infections to spread. Fen and Daniel fight to save the life of a baby and maybe even themselves.
  • Rook

    In the distant future after a polar shift has destroyed all technology, Sophia has been helping political prisoners escape their executions by working as the Red Rook. But to save her family from ruin, she must marry wealthy Rene—who has secrets of his own.
  • The Scorpion Rules

    Held hostage by an A. I. in charge of world peace, Princess Greta accepts the fact she will be killed if her mother declares war on another territory -- until a new boy arrives who causes everyone, including her, to question all they know to be true.
  • Shade's Children

    Four teenagers escape the horrific fate of having their brains transplanted into war creatures and attempt to survive the Overlord's war schemes under the supervision of Shade, a hologram.
  • The Summer Prince

    In a future society that is gender and sex fluid, June and her friend Gil fall for artist Enki, who is elected the Summer King, a position that lasts one year before he is ritually sacrificed. Outside of the love triangle, June and Enki use their love of art to thwart the government's tightening power over technology.
  • Uglies

    In the future, only the beautiful are valued, the ugly are worthless, and all uglies want to be made beautiful. That is what Tally wants, until she discovers some of the truths about becoming beautiful and begins to question her life.