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  • Award year: 2019
  • Genre: Mystery
  • The Cheerleaders

    Five years after the deaths of five Sunnybook cheerleaders Monica, the sister of one of them, decides to look further into their deaths. She uncovers information that leads her to believe there is a deeper, darker truth to what happened. What really transpired all those years ago?
  • The Hazel Wood

    When her mother disappears, Alice Crewe finds that her estranged grandmother's collection of obscure fairy tales is more real than she imagined--and they're after her. Rebecca Soler's Alice is cynical but not over-the-top, and she tells the Tales of the Hinterland with the voice of a classic storyteller.
  • The Hazel Wood

    Alice and her mom Ella, receive news that Alice's grandmother, Althea, author of the gruesome Hinterland fairy tales, has died inside her estate, The Hazel Wood. When Ella is abducted from their home, Alice goes in search of The Hazel Wood and begins to wonder if Althea's twisted stories are real.
  • The House of One Thousand Eyes

    When Lena's subversive uncle disappears without a trace in Communist East Berlin, she risks everything to find out what happened to him in this immersive historical mystery. Rife with well-crafted suspense and chilling period detail, this thrilling story will appeal to fans of dystopias and historical fiction alike.
  • Monday's Not Coming

    When Claudia's best friend Monday suddenly disappears without a trace, Claudia knows something is up and will not stop until she uncovers the possible horrifying truth.
  • Orphan Monster Spy

    A Jewish girl-turned-spy goes undercover at an elite boarding school for Nazi girls. Saskia Maarleveld's stunning narration matches the thrumming intensity of this powerful story.
  • Orphan Monster Spy

    After her mother's death, Jewish teen Sarah avoids capture by the SS thanks to a British spy named Captain Floyd. Jeremy obtains a false identity for Sarah and convinces her to help him infiltrate the home of one of Hitler's nuclear scientists, Hans Schafer, by befriending Schäfer's daughter.
  • The Parker Inheritance

    In pursuit of the mysterious Parker inheritance, author Varian Johnson takes readers down a trail of clues spanning three generations of fear and discrimination in the American South. Narrator Cherise Boothe evokes an appropriate sense of time and place with her compelling cast of characters and authentic range of emotions.
  • The Parker inheritance

    The letter waits in a book, in a box, in an attic, in an old house in Lambert, South Carolina. It's waiting for Candice Miller. When Candice finds the letter, she isn't sure she should read it. It's addressed to her grandmother, after all, who left Lambert in a cloud of shame. But the letter describes a young woman named Siobhan Washington. An injustice that happened decades ago. A mystery enfolding the letter-writer. And the fortune that awaits the person who solves the puzzle. Grandma tried and failed. But now Candice has another chance. So with the help of Brandon Jones, the quiet boy across the street, she begins to decipher the clues in the letter. The challenge will lead them deep into Lambert's history, full of ugly deeds, forgotten heroes, and one great love; and deeper into their own families, with their own unspoken secrets. Can they find the fortune and fulfill the letter's promise before the summer ends?
  • Sadie

    Part true crime podcast part revenge road trip, “Sadie” is the story of a young girl as she seeks vengeance for her sister's murder. The full ensemble cast brings together more than thirty voices, with Rebecca Soler authentically capturing Sadie's stutter and angry, tortured emotions while Dan Bittner gives voice to radio journalist West McCray as he tries to piece together what has happened to Sadie.
  • Sawkill Girls

    Local legend warns evil lurks on Sawkill Rock where girls vanish without a trace. As the disappearances escalate, three girls stumble into an ancient crusade. Loss of a loved one joins newcomer Marion and outsider Zoey in a search for answers which lead them to beautiful Val and her secrets.
  • The Strange Fascinations of Noah Hypnotik

    Noah's about to start his senior year of high school, and he's got his whole life figured out; except it isn't the life that Noah wants anymore. Michael Crouch's narration adds to the story through authenticity and clear relatable emotions.
  • The Strange Fascinations of Noah Hypnotik

    After being hypnotized after a party, Noah Oakman wakes up to his world turned subtly upside-down. From his best friend Alan's switch from DC to Marvel fan, to an unexplained scar on his mother's face, Noah must navigate his new life while still dealing with problems from his old one.
  • Troublemakers

    Amid an ongoing bomb threat in East London, Alena starts asking questions about her mother, who died when she was a baby. When her questions are met with frustrating silence and dead-ends everywhere she looks, she becomes determined to uncover the truth behind her mother's activist past.
  • Truly Devious

    Murder mystery obsessed Stevie transfers to Ellingham Academy, a remote boarding school with its own unsolved crime that she intends to solve. But a tragic death on campus forces her to put all of her deductive power to work to discover if one of her classmates could be a murderer.
  • Zora & Me: The Cursed Ground

    A fictionalized telling of Zora Neale Hurston and friend Carrie Brown's adventure in solving a local mystery while learning about community members' challenging pasts with slavery and lifelong prejudice. Waites enthusiastically tackles the curiosity of childhood while also beautifully and carefully handling the horror and inhumanity of slavery.