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  • Year: 2006
  • 13 Little Blue Envelopes

    When seventeen-year-old Ginny receives a packet of mysterious envelopes from her favorite aunt, she leaves New Jersey to criss-cross Europe on a sort of scavenger hunt that transforms her life.
  • Acceleration

    Working for the summer in the Toronto Transit Authority Lost and Found plunges one teenage boy into a terrifying search for a possible serial killer. Scott Brick uses a mix of angst and intelligence to bring the character to life.
  • Anansi Boys

    After Fat Charlie Nancy's father drops dead on a karaoke stage, Charlie meets Spider, a brother he never knew he had and isn't sure he wants.
  • Around the World in 80 Days

    Shocking his stodgy colleagues at the exclusive Reform Club, enigmatic Englishman Phileas Fogg wagers his fortune on a bet to circumnavigate the globe in eighty days. Jim Dale's fully voiced reading perfectly captures the entire cast, and atmospheric special effects add to the story.
  • Artemis Fowl: The Opal Deception

    As arch-villain Opal Kobai plots the annihilation of the world, the fairies are desperately in need of the help of young criminal mastermind Artemis Fowl.  Parker recreates the fantastic voices and characters of the first three books, guiding listeners from one crisis to another to the thrilling conclusion.
  • As Simple As Snow

    After his girlfriend mysteriously disappears, high-school student Cayne looks for clues in Anna's cryptic behavior during their five months together.
  • Bindi Babes

    The three Dhillon sisters, Geena, Amber and Jazz, seem to have it all, until their Auntie from India comes to live with them in England and interferes with their seemingly perfect lives. Wadia's authentic voice leads listeners through this hilarious and heart-wrenching voyage of self-discovery.
  • Bird

    Bird is in hiding in Acorn, Alabama, hoping to find her lost stepfather and bring him back to Cleveland to reunite her family.  A lyrical story told in three voices examines the lives of young people whose lives are intertwined in ways none of them expected.
  • Black Juice

    Provides glimpses of the dark side of civilization and the beauty of the human spirit through ten short stories that explore significant moments in people's lives, events leading to them, and their consequences.
  • Bras & Broomsticks

    Pimple-free skin, the ability to shake her booty, and a gorgeous date all seem to be just within Rachel's grasp when she discovers that her younger sister is a witch. The narrator casts a lighthearted, magical spell on this hilarious tale.
  • Buddha Boy

    Justin finds himself drawn to the strange, peaceful newcomer Jinsen, mockingly called Buddha Boy by other high school students. An excellent full cast narration creates the full range of characters, while Murphy ably conveys Justin's transformation from Jinsen's reluctant project partner to a true advocate and stalwart friend.
  • Captain Hook: The Adventures of a Notorious Youth

    Describes the youthful adventures of J.M. Barrie's classic character, Captain Hook, from his days at Eton to his voyages on the high sea.
  • Colibrí

    Rosa has almost forgotten her family eight years after being kidnapped when she discovers that her adoptive Uncle does not have her best interests at heart. Jacqueline Kim's narration reflects the quiet and fierce resilience of Colibri against seemingly insurmountable odds in a story that ultimately resonates with hope.
  • Cruise Control

    Top of his senior class and a three-letter sports star, Paul's anger at his absent father and developmentally disabled younger brother threatens to derail his future. Conflicting emotions of guilt and loving protection are realistically expressed in restrained, tension-filled reading.
  • Dear Zoe: A Novel

    Tess copes with family loss by writing letters to her three-year-old sister. Morris's emotional reading draws the listener into Tess's painful passage from guilt to acceptance.
  • Eldest

    After successfully evading an Urgals ambush, Eragon is adopted into the Ingeitum clan and sent to finish his training so he can further help the Varden in their struggle against the Empire.
  • Elsewhere

    After fifteen-year-old Liz Hall is hit by a taxi and killed, she finds herself in a place that is both like and unlike Earth, where she must adjust to her new status and figure out how to "live."
  • Fish

    A haunting survival story set in a land of poverty, war, and drought, finds a missionary family fleeing for their lives. The unpretentious, perfectly paced narration will appeal to teens who know the desperation of a flight from home.
  • Flush

    With his environmental-activist father in jail, it's up to Noah and his sister, Abbey, to prove that human waste is being flushed directly into the waters of the Florida Keys. Welch's brisk reading keeps listeners on the edge of their seats.
  • From the Notebooks of Melanin Sun

    Fourteen-year-old Melanin Sun's comfortable, quiet life is shattered when his mother reveals she has fallen in love with a woman. Woodson's sensitive and lyrical books reveal and give a voice to outsiders often invisible to mainstream America.
  • Gil's All Fright Diner

    In this gruesome and wacky tale, can two travelers (one vampire, one werewolf) save a roadside diner, besieged by zombies and ghouls, from dark forces and find true love?
  • The Glass Castle: A Memoir

    This empowering memoir recounts the strength and creativity of the Walls children as they overcome the poverty and social challenges their parents brought upon them.
  • Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

    Sixth-year Hogwarts student Harry Potter gains valuable insights into the boy Voldemort once was, even as his own world is transformed by maturing friendships, schoolwork assistance from an unexpected source, and devastating losses.
  • I Am the Messenger

    After capturing a bank robber, nineteen-year-old cab driver Ed Kennedy begins receiving mysterious messages that direct him to addresses where people need help, and he begins getting over his lifelong feeling of worthlessness.
  • I Hadn't Meant to Tell You This

    Twelve-year-old Marie, the only black girl in the eighth grade willing to befriend her white classmate Lena, discovers that Lena's father is doing horrible things to her in private. Woodson's sensitive and lyrical books reveal and give a voice to outsiders often invisible to mainstream America.
  • If I Have a Wicked Stepmother, Where's My Prince?

    When the father of high school sophomore, Lucy Norton, remarries, Lucy finds herself tormented by two bratty stepsisters and a wicked stepmother.
  • If You Come Softly

    After meeting at their private school in New York, fifteen-year-old Jeremiah, who is black, and Ellie, who is white, fall in love and then try to cope with people's reactions. Woodson's sensitive and lyrical books reveal and give a voice to outsiders often invisible to mainstream America.
  • Inventing Elliot

    Elliot Sutton has reinvented himself for his new school, determined not to stand out except in all the right ways when the ruling Guardians invite him to join their group.  Taylor's reading slowly builds the tension, keeping the listener enthralled until the very end.
  • Jesus Land: A Memoir

    Scheere's unflinching memoir chronicles life in rural Indiana with her disciplinarian father, fundamentalist mother, and adopted African American brothers. Each child finds a way to survive, with very different endings.
  • John Lennon: All I Want is the Truth

    The story of one of rock's biggest legends, from his birth during a 1940 World War II air raid on Liverpool, through his turbulent childhood and teen years, to his celebrated life writing, recording, and performing with the Beatles and beyond.
  • Lena

    Thirteen-year-old Lena and her younger sister Dion mourn the death of their mother as they hitchhike from Ohio to Kentucky while running away from their abusive father. Woodson's sensitive and lyrical books reveal and give a voice to outsiders often invisible to mainstream America.
  • Lizzie Bright and the Buckminster Boy

    In 1911, Turner Buckminster hates his new home of Phippsburg, Maine, but things improve when he meets Lizzie Bright Griffin, a girl from a poor, nearby island community founded by former slaves that the town fathers--and Turner's--want to change into a tourist spot.
  • Looking for Alaska

    Sixteen-year-old Miles' first year at Culver Creek Preparatory School in Alabama includes good friends and great pranks, but is defined by the search for answers about life and death after a fatal car crash.
  • The Merchant of Death (Pendragon Book 1)

    Bobby Pendragon is a seemingly normal and somewhat reluctant 14- year-old boy who is swept into an amazing five-year quest.
  • Midnight at the Dragon Café

    After leaving China with her mother, Su-Jen enjoys her comfortable new life in Canada, but dark secrets threaten her family's stability.
  • Miracle's Boys

    Twelve-year-old Lafayette's close relationship with his older brother Charlie changes after Charlie is released from a detention home and blames Lafayette for the death of their mother. Woodson's sensitive and lyrical books reveal and give a voice to outsiders often invisible to mainstream America.
  • My Jim

    Sadie Watson's love and courage carry through the cruelties of slavery into life as a free woman.
  • The Necessary Beggar

    A young merchant accused of murder and his family are banished from their otherworld home to begin a strange life of exile in an internment camp in the Nevada desert.
  • Never Let Me Go

    There's a dark secret at the Hailsham School, where the students live in carefully planned, idyllic isolation, ignorant of the future that's been planned for them.
  • Norman Tuttle on the Last Frontier: A Novel in Stories

    Funny and poignant episodes from Norman Tuttle's life as a teenager show him struggling to become an adult, occasionally making good choices, but mostly getting into trouble. Storyteller Bodett's rendering of Tuttle's sarcastic humor is flawless.
  • Peeps

    Cal Thompson is a carrier of a parasite that causes vampirism, and must hunt down all of the girlfriends he has unknowingly infected.
  • Poison

    When Poison leaves her home in the marshes of Gull to retrieve the infant sister who was snatched by the fairies, she and a group of unusual friends survive encounters with the inhabitants of various Realms, and Poison herself confronts a surprising destiny.
  • Princess in Training

    Now a sophomore, Mia juggles Geometry class, student body presidency, and Michael, who has started college. The youthful voice of Lewis precisely portrays Mia in this continuation of the popular series.
  • Prom

    Eighteen-year-old Ash wants nothing to do with senior prom, but when disaster strikes and her desperate friend, Nat, needs her help to get it back on track, Ash's involvement transforms her life.
  • Rebel Angels

    Gemma and her friends from the Spence Academy return to the realms to defeat her foe, Circe, and to bind the magic that has been released.
  • The Sea of Trolls

    Doyle's narration perfectly captures the medieval world of Jack and Lucy, kidnapped from their quiet village by a fierce band of berzerkers. This deliciously original tale is a retelling of the classic Jack and Jill story.
  • The Teacher's Funeral: A Comedy in Three Parts

    If your teacher has to die, August isn't a bad time of year for it, says Russell Culver, until he finds out his own sister will be the new teacher! Baker captures the whining, complaining tones of a boy who thought the death of his teacher would mean no more school.
  • Tiger, Tiger

    Two tiger cub brothers are taken from the jungle to ancient Rome, where one becomes the pampered pet of Caesar's daughter and the other becomes a man-eating "entertainment act" at the Colosseum.
  • The Truth About Forever

    Macy, the perfect daughter, student, and athlete, struggles to grieve for the death of her father and to accept her own flaws. Nielsen's reading expresses both Macy's peculiarities and the poignancy of her struggle.
  • The Truth About Sparrows

    Twelve-year-old Sadie promises that she will always be Wilma's best friend when their families leaves drought-stricken Missouri in 1933, but once in Texas, Sadie learns that she must try to make a new home--and new friends, too. Sadie comes to life through Card's vibrant voice, filled with emotional resonance.