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  • Genre: Paranormal
  • Archivist Wasp

    Wasp is a ghost-hunter in a strange and brutal world, who must kill to keep her job. When the ghost of a soldier from the distant past asks for her help, she embarks on a dangerous journey that makes her question everything she knows.
  • The Darkest Part of the Forest

    Hazel and Ben live in a fantastical town where fairies are the norm and tourists come from miles around to experience the magic.
  • The Dead Girls of Hysteria Hall

    Delia has inherited a haunted asylum.
  • Half Wild (The Half Bad Trilogy)

    Nathan is determined to find his love, Annalise, while struggling with the magical gifts he has received from his reviled father. Prekopp's intense narration, combined with a plethora of additional sound effects, makes for a compelling listen.
  • Imaginary Girls

    Chloe adores her big sister Ruby, and lives to win Ruby's approval. In fact, Ruby seems to have this effect on everyone in their little town, but just what is the power that Ruby holds over them?
  • Library of Souls

    With time running short, Jacob must use his newfound Peculiar powers in order to rescue his friends and beloved headmistress, Miss Peregrine. Heyborne's wide range of character voices, seamless incorporation of text cues, and sound effects bring color to this immensely popular book.
  • Outcast, Vol. 1: A Darkness Surrounds Him

    Kyle has the misfortune of living near people who become possessed by something evil and becomes the town pariah despite his best intentions to help.
  • Slasher Girls and Monster Boys

    This collection of 14 short stories explores the demented, psychological, and grim tales of the teenage world. A full cast of narrators gives a distinct identity to each of the characters and will make the listener think twice before reading in the dark.
  • The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer

    Mara thinks she may be going crazy and can't remember terrible things that happened, but in a new place and town, she meets Noah, who may be able to help her find the answers.
  • Waistcoats & Weaponry

    Sophronia Temminick, a student at Mademoiselle Geraldine's Finishing Academy for Young Ladies of Quality, helps fellow student Sidheag return to her werewolf pack in Scotland.  Quick's lively pacing and diverse, unique voices treat listeners to a laugh-out-loud listen.
  • The Walls Around Us

    Ori and Vee have been inseparable since they met in ballet class as little girls, but a horrible crime tears them apart. Amber has visions of a new inmate who will change the fate of everyone in her correctional facility. The two narratives alternate in this ghostly tale of magical realism.
  • The Witch Hunter

    Ferocious witch hunter Elizabeth is aghast when she is accused of being a witch, and is even more shocked when her would-be rescuer turns out to be one of the most powerful wizards in the land. Barber's multifaceted performance transports listeners to a dangerous world of magic, romance, and betrayal.